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Name Position Phone
Diane Bies President/Tour Director 812-473-3546
Kevin Otolski Vice President 812-454-0107
Donna Redden Secretary 903-821-5863
Kara May Membership & Board Member 812-760-7975
Gary Gardner Treasurer 812-853-0476
Paul Jensen Board Member 812-760-6158
Jim Niethammer Board Member 812-618-8210
Rusty Yeager Statistician 812-402-1787
Jay Vercellotti Webmaster 812-746-9350
Paul Sluder Newsletter Editor 904-434-7227
Sonya Brindle Youth Cycling Program Director 812-430-6630
Ann Pendley Publicity 812-573-9189
Melissa Stepro GPM Coordinator 812-454-8902

Staff Information

The following 7 positions are elected board members, all others are appointed:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 3 “At Large” Positions