Cycling Advocacy

The EBC Supports the Local Cycling Community

Improving bicycling opportunities and educating the public are two major goals of the Evansville Bicycle Club (EBC).  The club uses several avenues to accomplish these goals.

The “Great Pumpkin Metric” (GPM) bicycle tour is the club’s main source of income. This event, usually held the first Sunday in October, allows the EBC to support local, state, and national organizations that agree with the mission of the club.  The GPM also allows the EBC to help purchase and construct bicycles that require special attention to fit an individual’s specific needs.  Many of the “Share the Road” signs on public roads in the tri-state were purchased by the EBC as a reminder to motorists to be on the lookout for cyclists.

EBC members also “spread the word” and educate the public on safety practices in cycling.  One way this is done is by conducting “Rodeos” throughout the tri-state that concentrate on children to learn the “rules of the road” and then immediately practice on a “street course” with actual streets and signs.  At many healthy lifestyle initiatives you will find an EBC booth promoting safety information and talking about safety.  EBC members also volunteer to speak to various service organizations on changes occurring in the cycling world.

Reminder to club members: You get club miles for volunteering for an official EBC event. These events are usually on the same day as a club ride, so you get the longest number of miles available that day, excluding centuries. So, if there was an event on a Saturday morning in the summer, and the ride was at Dogtown that day, you would get 43 miles for volunteering. “Official” events are listed in the newsletter or via mass email prior to the event and there will be a coordinator for the event that you should call in advance to reserve your spot.